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Revol Rectangular Roasting Dish - Black


  • $ 9900

Our Belle cuisine baking dishes collection has been one of our best sellers; it is the go-to collection you cannot go wrong with. From 2 quart baking dish to smaller or bigger, they have sturdy handles that are part of the mold which makes it easy, convenient and fun to use every day for all type of gratins, roasted meats, side dishes, pasta but also cobblers, desserts, pies and more… available in white and black, the black version offers a very dramatic, different way of presenting food with a cast iron look. The clay is black all the way through. They will not scratch nor stain, and are easy to wash in the dishwasher. Belle cuisine was really meant to be used for both baking and serving: made of porcelain, they conduct the heat very well, they are naturally non-stick and food remains at the same temperature for a long time! That makes it the best bridal shower gift!
Even if they look like cast-iron cookware, don’t go wrong, they have the features and benefits of porcelain. Use in the oven and microwave and store in the freezer if you have left overs. Belle cuisine bakers design was inspired by American bakers with handles, with the sturdiness and the finishes of high-end quality of culinary porcelain. For an everyday use! And a great look!

31.5" x 9.75" x 2.5"

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