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Revol Exquinoxe Dessert Plate


  • $ 2995

Equinoxe plates are unique and innovative. Available in different shapes and sizes, this ceramic dinnerware collection is made of black clay and comes in 4 colors. Cirrus blue is made of 2 enamels, blue and white that create nuances and balance with a glossy finish. The pepper white is subtle and has a satin look, with a sleek matte finish. In the cast iron style finish, the enamel is sprayed on the pieces for a textural mat effect on the used part only of the plate.

The NEW color is a white glaze.

Mix and match. The dessert plates can be combined with bigger pieces, or can also be used as accent pieces. Each plate is made of culinary porcelain, dyed in the mass in black and finished by hand. The enamel is left only on the used section, the contour of the plate is then removed which leads to the appearance of a thin black contour. Oven, microwave, and dishwasher safe.

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